For many, verbs and their conjugations remain a mystery. When we teach verb forms in their various tenses, moods, and voices, eyesbrows lift and signs of discouragement appear on faces of young and old alike. The young student is as perplexed as the well intentioned adult who yearns to be of help. We constantly hear that “things have changed so much,” but actually nothing is different where grammar and verb conjugations are concerned. The simpler, the better. How many fail to understand when we hear instructors say, “the first person singular or the third person plural of a verb?” The answer is most often, “What do you mean?”

It is well known that foreign language teachers end up teaching English grammar. Students cannot compare language use if they have not yet mastered their mother tongue. In an effort to reach this goal, we have presented the English verb conjugations in the same manner as when learning a foreign language, whether it be French, Spanish, Italian or any other Romance Language.

Verbs, Conjugations and Moods presents the verb in all its tenses, moods and voices systematically. Following are neatly designed exercises with their corresponding corrections.

Each section has its own Help Mate or Study Aid to help reinforce and assimilate the conjugations.

This part of the TBHT series, will be of great benefit to those who, for one reason or another, wish to study by themselves (in the context of home schooling or charter schools), to excel, to be in advanced placement classes or to better prepare for the study of a foreign language.


Dr. Pierre FrançoisProfessor Emeritus Prof. Jacqueline FrançoisAdjunct Professor
State University of New York