Yes, you already say and understand French words and expressions. Just look at the list below:

* à la carte * début * naïve * béret * débutante * négligé * bouillon * entrée * protégé * buffet * fiancée * rendez-vous * clientèle * hors-d’oeuvre * tête-à-tête * cuisine

Strictly speaking, not a single letter of the French alphabet is pronounced exactly like its English counterpart. You will have to work at correct pronunciation but by building on English words you already know, you can learn thousands of French words while increasing your knowledge of English, all in a short time.

The method we are proposing requires a minimum of effort because you are thinking in your mother tongue instead of purely memorizing long lists of vocabulary.

Remember the words of Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor of the 16th century: “If you know one language, you know none but if you know two, you know one.”


Dr. Pierre FrançoisProfessor Emeritus Prof. Jacqueline FrançoisAdjunct Professor
State University of New York