Not for little children only … but for grandparents, parents and teachers too! This series of letters and dialogues between a child and his Grandpa and Grandma reveals how fascinating it can be for children and their grandparents to discover the importance of learning a language in a most natural way.

The dialogues are charmingly presented, encouraging the child to learn and appreciate the richness of spoken as well as written language, the importance of manners, good study habits and self-confidence. The child and his grandparents are carried along in a learning process where each learns from the other.

Letters to Grandpa does not propose to be a definitive First Grammar Book. Instead, the reader discovers the very fundamentals of grammar simply presented within the letters and dialogues. The child is constantly encouraged and rewarded by his grandparents when he succeeds in learning and finding the correct responses to the easy and practical exercises. We have attempted to provide readily available answers to the many questions that might possibly crop up in this approach.

Extremely varied, Letters to Grandpa presents the parts of speech, vocabulary, penmanship, excerpts from poetry and literature, a little music and even some elementary arithmetic. The topics have been prepared in such a way that the “learner” may work at each question, each letter, each exercise according to his or her own speed. These Letters to Grandpa may also be employed as test reviews or vacation assignments for self improvement.

Help Mates and Study Aids are provided to help reinforce and assimilate the lessons learned.

Letters to Grandpa can be of great benefit to those who, for one reason or another, wish to study by themselves (in the context of home schooling or the new Charter School system) to excel, to be ahead of a class or to prepare for the study of a foreign language.



Dr. Pierre François                        Professor Emeritus Prof. Jacqueline François Adjunct Professor
>               >               >               State University of New York