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My First Grammar Book – English

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My First Grammar Book – English


My First Grammar Book will be of great benefit to those who, for one reason or another, wish to study Grammar (in the context of home schooling or the new Charter School system), to excel, to be in advanced placement classes or to be better prepared for the study of a foreign language.

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Not for little children, nor for very young pupils only… but for their teachers, parents and grandparents too! Many young children, whether just beginning or finishing elementary school, find themselves deficient in grammar. When looking for explanations, they are often unable to understand the terminology of present day English textbooks – when they exist – or the wordiness of many grammar textbooks. Turning to parents and teachers does not necessarily always provide a clear answer. TBHT My First Grammar Book does not propose to be a definitive grammar for young children. It is intended as a well structured approach destined to present a comprehensive view of simple grammar rules. Through the presentation of clear explanations we have attempted to provide readily available answers to the many questions that crop up in the study of language. In order to reach this goal, My First Grammar Book presents each part of speech in the simplest way possible. Grammatical points and examples have been prepared in such a way that the “learner” may work at each question and use this booklet as a most practical reference book. Each section has its own Help Mate or Study Aid to help reinforce and assimilate grammatical rules. The different grammar points are presented on cards that can be quickly consulted, a handy tool for quick review.


Dr. Pierre FrançoisProfessor Emeritus Prof. Jacqueline FrançoisAdjunct Professor
State University of New York


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