André Messager (1853-1929), an extraordinarilly gifted musician, once said that music was not of two kinds, music was either good or bad. The same applies to study habits. One is never too young to learn how to study methodically. If many of our pupils and students have difficulty in taking good notes in class or in drawing out what is essential, it is because they have never been exposed to a step by step method.

The purpose of this simple, tried and true Study Aid approach is to incite the student to review repeatedly that which is most important in each lesson. Memorization is a word banished from our vocabulary but once this skill has been acquired, a student soon discovers the pleasures of learning by heart, thereby acquiring a solid background.

Our recommendation is the following: that the students go over each card every day in a quiet place. They can then question each other as if a game.

Success is practically guaranteed as are better grades and the satisfaction of having mastered one more subject.


Dr. Pierre FrançoisProfessor Emeritus Prof. Jacqueline FrançoisAdjunct Professor
State University of New York