Not for pupils or students only… but for teachers, parents and grandparents too! Many young students, whether just starting out in elementary school or finishing college level, find themselves deficient in Grammar. When looking for explanations, they are often unable to understand the involved discussions and explanations found in present day English textbooks or in the wordiness of many foreign language textbooks. Turning to parents and teachers does not necessarily always provide a clear answer. Native speakers are also often at a loss either when teaching their own language or when learning another tongue, so important in today’s globalized economy.

TBHT Easy Grammar in Easy English does not propose to be a definitive grammar. This series of fascicules is intended as a well structured approach to the understanding and application of grammar rules through the presentation of simple explanations and very practical exercises. We have attempted to provide readily available answers to the many questions that crop up in the study of language.

In order to reach this goal, Easy Grammar in Easy English presents each part of speech in the simplest way possible followed by neatly designed exercises and their corresponding corrections.

Grammatical points and lessons have been prepared in such a way that the “learner” may work at each question, each lesson, each exercise according to his or her own speed. These little fascicules may also be employed as test reviews or Vacation Assignments for the improvement of test scores.

Each section has its own Help Mate or Study Aid to help reinforce and assimilate grammatical rules..

This series of Grammar Units will be of great benefit to those who, for one reason or another, wish to study by themselves (in the context of home schooling or the new Charter School system), to excel, to be in advanced placement classes or to better prepare for the study of a foreign language.


Dr. Pierre FrançoisProfessor Emeritus Prof. Jacqueline FrançoisAdjunct Professor
State University of New York